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Vlad Stefan Zahan

Who is Vlad-Stefan Zahan

With a background in IT Technology and 2 successful years of study at Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt (Odense, Denmark), I gained not only a diploma in this specific field, but also the

knowledge and the ambition to take my education further, following a BA

programme at the same institution, focusing on Product Development and Technology Integration.

8 years and 4 certifications later, covering each principle of the Software Development Life Cycle (SCRUM Product Owner, ISQTB, PRINCE2, PMI-ACP), I gained hands-on experience by applying these years of studies, delivering web, mobile and desktop projects to users all around the world. Whether there were educational, health, e-commerce, insurance, B2B, B2C or SaaS, hundreds of thousands of users benefited from the outcome of these projects.


Open-minded and creative, I like thinking out-of-the-box and finding new solutions to the given situation. Whether working in teams or individually, this aspect did not put a

stop on my search. The networking and programming skills have offered me a great understanding of the product architecture. Combined with the executional skills and the ability of understanding the business & generated value, I posses the right set of skills to walk you through a successful delivery of the projects. 


I've always been passionate to share gained knowledge and I do think I have something to bring to this world. All the years of experience working in big corporations such as IBM, or being part of growing companies (from start-up to corporation) helped me become the man I am right now.

In Project Management, technical skills and understanding the methodology is not everything. There's one more very important piece that you need to possess that can either make your project a success or a failure. That's soft skills. As a Project Manager you're working with people and setting the right team is something that no book will teach you, only experience will.

I was fortunate enough to learn these the hard way and I am sure that others can facilitate from this.

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